Custom Interior Remodels

I hope I have stimulated your imagination. Once you’re ready to start the process, we’ll put your project on a fast track to completion.

Mellors provides consultation and complete design plans. Mellors can oversee everything, or, as is often the case, I’ll work alongside your architect or contractor.

Your life and your schedule are unique. If the design of a room serves your lifestyle and reflects your taste, I’m certain you won’t see a room just like it — anywhere. That’s solid proof of a custom design: it identifies you almost as precisely as your fingerprint.

My designs follow current safety guidelines and meet the highest standards of quality and comfort. I prefer to schedule a conference in your home and take the necessary preliminary measurements at that time. I’ll ask you to tell me how you presently live in your home and how you envision living more comfortably in the future.

Understanding your needs is my chief concern. I do that by carefully listening to you. I know that all aspects of an outcome are always tied to getting the best input.

I will personally help you select the appliances and fixtures that work reliably and realistically within your budget if you wish.

I’m known for keeping clients informed as their projects progression. We aim to keep inconvenience to a minimum. The transformation of your room should be an enjoyable part of the design journey.

When I visit you to take all the necessary measurements, and to determine the best use of your space, I will guide you through design possibilities and help you select the right woods, colors, and accoutrements to match your design. Should you wish I can help you select the appliances and fixtures that work reliably and realistically within your budget.

Our work doesn’t end until you see the room of your dreams.

Richard Mellor

Murphy Beds

What are the dimensions of Murphy Beds?
Single : 44 -1/2" wide, 80" high 84" footprint when open
Double: 59 -1/2" wide, 80" high 84" footprint when open
Queen : 65 -1/2" wide, 85" high 89" footprint when open
For approximate side-tilt sizes, reverse width and height.
Depth is just 16"
Can I use my own mattress?
Yes, you can use any coil-spring or high-density foam mattress up to 11" thick.
Can I take my Murphy Bed with me when I move?
Yes, because it attaches only to the wall. Our system does not use floor mounting - which can seriously damage your floor. No problem in rental accommodations, either.
Can I put my Murphy Bed into a closet?
You can, but you don't have to. Murphy Beds have evolved a lot since the old days of the clunky iron mechanism that bolted to the floor and hid behind bi-fold doors. Our Murphy Beds are only 16" deep and attach to the wall not the floor. You may have several location options in any room, only one of which may be the closet.
Is there a warranty?
Yes, we offer a lifetime residential warranty. All our hardware is manufactured to exacting ISO 9002 specifications. We pride ourselves on excellence in both design and manufacture.


Office Space

Do you have a Guarantee?
Yes! Lifetime on materials and workmanship.


Kitchen Space

Do you have a Guarantee?
Yes! Lifetime on materials and workmanship.


Closet Space

How much does an average closet cost?
We always beat our competitions price because our costs are lower. We are not a franchise so no franchise fees or royalties.
How long does it take to install closets in my house?
Most installations can be completed in one day.
How soon can they be installed?
We keep everything in stock in our warehouse so we can complete your job quickly. Once we know your closet design, you can have your closets installed within 1-2 weeks.
Can I chose the color of my closet?
We offer a closet painting service. White and almond are the two standard colors of our closets. Cherry, Light Maple, Natural Oak and Golden Oak are also available at an additional charge.
Do you have a Guarantee?
Yes! Lifetime on materials and workmanship.
What are the closets made of? Are they strong?
Our systems are made of 3/4" Melamine particle board that is secured to the wall using a steel rail which house's the framing. It can hold up to 1200 lbs. All our closets come with a full back. This will strengthen the closet unit substantially.
Does your closet system stand on the floor or hang on the wall?
Both! Our storage systems hang on the wall by a steel rail that is secured to your house's frame and can easily hold up to 1200 lbs. Because it is attached to the wall, it allows for additional floor storage which makes it easy to vacuum. We are one of the few closet companies to use both wall and floor mounted unites. You get the best of both worlds!
Do you remove the old closet unit when you come to install?
We offer removal as well as spackeling and painting. (Touchups)
Once installed how do I clean the closet material?
You can clean the material by wiping with a damp cloth.
When it comes to closets, is the lowest price the best?
In everything you buy, don't buy price, buy value. Value is a combination of top quality material, a closet designed exclusively to solve your storage needs, a good guarantee, a satisfied customer, and then a good price.
What should I expect from a good closet company?
Most of the companies I know really try to do a good job. But it takes more than good intentions to survive in any business. Experience counts for more than a good design. It's being there on the agreed upon date to install the closet. (Remember, you just emptied all your clothes out of the closet.) It's honest reliable employees who get the job done right the first time. Experience means the company will be there to backup their guarantee.
Is a closet a good investment?
It's a great investment, but not necessarily as an increase in the value of your home. It's always a selling feature. But more important, it's a personal investment. With a new closet design, your selection of clothes increases, because you can see more of what you own.
Should I do it myself or use a professional?
With all the home improvement stores carrying some form of a do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) closet system, you can certainly improve your storage dilemma on your own. But if you want to maximize the space, have it designed especially for you, and save your marriage in the process, then hire a professional.
What is the most popular material used in a closet today?
White laminated wood (melamine) is the most popular. It's adjustable, there are many options, and it has a built-in look.


Miscellaneous Space

Do you accept credit Cards?
Yes! We accept Visa and Mastercard.
How important is it to use a licensed contractor?
It is probably the single most important reference a contractor has.
Are references important?
Absolutely. They let you know how satisfied past customers are. Find out if the company was neat and clean. Was the final product what they expected? Call references; it's your home, and strangers are coming in to perform work.